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    Ayrshire Country Sports Club

Air Rifle Shooting

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We have a few venues where members can do Air Rifle Target Shooting.

We have inside and outside ranges available to use.


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Come have a go at Archery!!!

Whether you have never lifted a bow or you do archery as a past time, we have a couple of different venues

We also have fully qualified Archery Coaches which will start anyone off on the right foot


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Fancy doing a duck flight some evening or bagging a goose on the shore line some fresh winter morning among other activities

The club now has its own Duck pond where we run duck flights at £20 plus £5 towards duck feed

Simulated Days

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Have great fun on an organised Simulated Day, have up to 4000 clays overhead, great fun and enjoyable also if you are not a great fan of shooting live game then a simulated day is just for you

Our simulated days are full nearly a year in advance

Clay Pigeon Shooting

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 Clay Pigeon Shooting is one of our main sports. We have many women onboard as well so don't for one minute think this sport is only for men. Far from it,

Our main shooting venue is at North Ayrshire Shooting Ground, Dalry, but we do visit many shooting establishments around Scotland on Away Days. Which is great because we get a great variation by going to different grounds.

We also have friendly competitions or Away Days once a month, nothing serious, we leave that to the professionals.

Game & Coarse Fishing

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Our club is lucky enough to have an Ex Scottish Jnr International Fly Fishing Team Member.

He grew up a little since then but he has retained all his knowledge. And he is quite willing to give lessons to any member who wishes to learn this sport.

As well as Fly Fishing we also do Coarse Fishing which is ideal for anyone including younger members of the club, but always remember all these activities are only available for members.