Review on Simulated Day at Auldgirth Shooting Ground by Alan Finlay

We arrived at the shooting ground to the smell of freshly frying bacon. Just the start one need’s for a day of shooting. The staff were all very pleasant and helpful and nothing was any trouble to them.


We had 5 drives over the day which were fast, furious and great fun. The drives were well organised and all instructions were clear and understood by all.


We had 3 drives then in for lunch, and Kaz had put on a fantastic spread which could have fed us 3 times over. Then we went out for another 2 drives, then in for coffee, scones and pastries.


The simulated day that Davie puts on is well worth the money. In fact we had such a great day we are already booked in for another day.


We would recommend the simulated day to any group.


H/O Riverview


Waterside by Patna



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